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Because I know beauty starts from within, I'm offering you a chance to enjoy hairstyling with a difference. Whether it is for your big day or for everyday life, I can come to you or you can visit me in my sanctuary, I offer a peaceful space with homemade ayurvedic tea and treats where you can let go by focusing on the mind, body connection and adjusting simple things into you daily life with Ayurveda and throwing in different holistic treatments can bring more harmony into your life. My wellness treatments can be experienced with friends, as part of your hen party/weddind morning or solo.

My aim is it bring more balance into your life through Ayurveda, meditation and the beauty of nature, whilst adding some prettifying of the hair of course :) Full access to an on going community of like minded women as well as a complimentary goody bag is offered with every one of my bespoke wellness packages.

Weddings (and life!) can be a stressful now, but it doesn't need to be, and I can advice how with simple tips. My biggest passion is educating on how to make life more harmonious through simple self care techniques ,you will be surprised what this includes! Follow the link below to learn more about some of the services I offer and please get in touch with questions as all packages are tailored to individual needs.  find your inner butterfly

Being an inquisitive creative soul, since I can remember my passion has been to create and that I have done for a long time, creating beautiful looks for beautiful events, fashion shows, tv. I use all the skills I have learnt over the years to give my clients the look that  suits there needs and wants, BUT NOW I WANT TO GIVE THE LADIES MORE I now  specialise in  bridal/event hair with a twist.

I was always an anxious child and did lack confidence but it  wasn't until a couple of years ago that I felt something was missing in my life, something clicked and I knew I had to make changes, I knew there was more than me thinking I was my mind , my name or job. I suddenly saw how I lacked self worth . 



from certain events in my life having scoliosis being bullied and taking care of my mum who has bi polar the less confident I grew and had no understanding of what anxiety was or PMT  was (which  I suffered with hugely) and it effected the relationships I had and life in general.  As a teen i gained social anxiety and would go all day without speaking a word in fear I said something wrong. I  had lost a sense of who I was and I became the victim. so with time I  was full of anxiety and depression, always living in my head, past and future, WITHOUT THE AWARENESS HOW MUCH TOXINS I HAD ACCUMULATED WITHIN THE MIND AND BODY.

I needed someone to talk to, to explain all this life stuff to me that just did not make sense , why couldn't I  just love me for me and love being a women, which I did not may I add! I HAD NO IDEA WHO TO GO TO or who to even ask.


so over the next few years I took the time to figure out who the hell I was and what it was I needed to take action on.  I did this by learning mediation and yoga but still did I not understand the depth of what I was doing and why until I found  Ayurveda, only then did everything I was going through really make sense to me because it helped me understand what I was all about and what I was put here to do!

It was through my practise of changing my lifestyle and mindset I could see what I had to work on myself and what I wanted to create for others,  how I wanted to help and give back. what I  saw  was a space of harmony, community and stillness where women can be there selves and still there minds, a place where I can not only transform your outer look but the way you look inside too BY BREAKING DOWN THE EGO AND MINDSET SO YOU CAN SEE HOW GOD DAMN BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE INSIDE OUT

Now don't get me wrong I love to create , its what I do naturally but I've found new ways to create and help women feel amazing inside out, because isn't that the most important! I've sought to find positives in the changes happening around us and how I can create a more conscious place, IT IS NOW STARTING TO CHANGE ALL AROUND US, ITS MY MISSION TO HELP PEOPLE THROUGH THIS CHANGE AND CONFUSION.

 women leave me feeling transformed inside out , with the help from the beautiful science of life Ayurveda. So that's why im taking a spin on hairstyling guys!!!


This is my opportunity to give back with love

namaste xxxx

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