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Because I know beauty starts from within, a space has been created where it allows you to be yourself un leach it and shower yourself in self care, head to toe, inside and out, let your hair down (quite literally) enjoy hairstyling with a difference. Whether it is for your big day or for everyday life, I can come to you or you can visit me in my sanctuary, I offer a peaceful space with homemade ayurvedic tea and treats where you can let go and learn a little bit about ayurveda and why selfcare is so important for us physically and mentally. These self care routines i have included were carried out on my self that have gave me more than I ever needed and bought more harmony into life. My wellness treatments can be experienced with friends, as part of your hen party/wedding morning or solo.

why wait till you're feeling broken? Invest in Holistic Hair and feel good as a foundation to support you in those challenging times.

My aim is it bring more balance into your life through Ayurveda, meditation and alining with the beautiful thing called nature, whilst adding some prettifying of the hair of course :) you recieve full access to an growing community of like minded women as well as a complimentary goody bag offered with every one of my bespoke wellness packages.

Weddings (and life!) can be a stressful now, but it doesn't need to be, and I can advice how with simple tips. My biggest passion is educating on how to make life more harmonious through simple self care techniques ,you will be surprised what this includes! Follow the link below to learn more about some of the services I offer and please get in touch with questions as all packages are tailored to individual needs.  find your inner butterfly, and connect to your true essance. 






inner butterfly

what is ayurveda?

allow me to explain!

Ayurveda originated from India 5,000 years ago and is just as doable now as it was with ancient yogis.

Ayurveda is not a system of medicine. 

Ayurveda is the sister of yoga and translates as the science of life.

it is an understanding of how your mind-body complex interacts with our environment

it is based on giving us the understanding of our own individual needs and empowers us to choose what to do with this knowledge. 

Ayurveda is knowledge