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What We Do

bride trial £80

bridesmaids, mob etc £50.00

special event hair up £60.00

blow dry £40.00



            £50.00 1hr

            £35.00 1/2hr   




          £70.00 1hr

          £55.00 1/2hr

pick and choose for your very own bespoke




           Yoga Nidra                                Doctor Consult

           Breath work                                   Combo

        Japa meditation                               ritual tips


Mini Marma massag

Mindful meditation                                  Dosha Quiz


Here you are offered a glimpse into ayurveda and why I got the inspiration to add both hair and selfcare treatments together. I can see now, yes having your hair styled is self care, it makes you feel a million dollars doesnt it, more confidant and grounded, but self caring for the inner parts of you and giving you a lasting self awareness and love, and a more harmonious place to have your hair styled, a place to feel and be yourself, honour yourself in the what I can see us women need more of because we are frigging amazing.  Iv'e picked the treatments you see here from my journey of healing mentally and physically, I honestly don't know what I would do without them in my life, being a very sensitive empathic type , taking time to just be away from everything and time to recharge my energy  is always needed, I could see how easy they are to apply and to aline to our individual needs when we simply allow ourselves the time and patience.

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